Unique Water Features

When you think of your dream pool, what water features does it include? Here we’ll show you a few of the most common options to add visual excitement and the “sound of water” so many of our customers desire.


Sunshelf Bubbler

Add a splash of fun and tranquility to your pool with a sun shelf bubbler! This delightful feature transforms your pool’s shallow lounge area into a vibrant play area for kids or a peaceful retreat for adults. It’s the perfect setting for families wanting to introduce a safe, enjoyable water experience for their little ones or for anyone seeking a calm corner to relax and unwind.

Sheer Descent

Sheer descent waterfalls produce a clear arc of water, cascading down into your pool, creating a serene environment. This feature is designed to offer a visually clean, uninterrupted flow of water, making it a focal point of modern elegance in any pool. The soothing sound of falling water adds a layer of tranquil auditory experience to your poolside moments.

Deck Jets

Deck jets are a dynamic addition to any pool, sending sleek arcs of water from the deck into the pool below. Deck jets light up beautifully at night, providing a mesmerizing display that enhances evening poolside gatherings. You have the creative freedom to tailor their design to perfectly complement your pool’s aesthetics.

Laminar Jets

Laminar jets take deck jets to the next level with streams of water that are highly controlled and can be lit with LED lights for a dramatic nighttime effect. These jets produce smooth, glass rod-like arcs of water that produce almost no splash droplets from the column of water.

Raised Spa Overflow

A raised spa that overflows into the pool not only increases the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a multi-sensory experience. The spillway gently pours water into the pool, creating a calming effect, while scuppers allow for a more dramatic water release, reminiscent of traditional fountains, enhancing the auditory and visual pleasure.

Vanishing Edge Pool

Also known as an infinity pool, the vanishing edge creates a visual effect of water with no boundaries. This design marvel is perfect for properties with scenic views, as the edge appears to merge with the horizon or surrounding landscape, thus magnifying the beauty of your outdoor space.