Low Maintenance Features

There are 3 parts to maintaining your pool: Filtration System, Cleaning of Debris, and Maintaining the Chemical Balance


There are hundreds of options now available that make maintaining your pool easier with new innovative technology. Please discuss these options with your sales consultant. Here are the options we typically use.


Filtration System (Pump, Filter, & Plumbing)

filtration systemWe design the hydraulics on our pools under the philosophy that larger plumbing and lower pump speeds result in less wear-and-tear… along with less energy usage. We also use larger than standard size filters, resulting in the filters not needing to be cleaned as often.



Cleaning of Debris

There are many different automatic cleaning systems available, here are some of the common systems we recommend:

    • Polaris 360Polaris 360 – Pressure-side cleaner that operates off the filter pump.
    • Polaris 280 – Pressure-side cleaner that operates off its own booster pump. Advantage: When operating, it will not affect the rest of the system.
    • In-floor Cleaning Systems – Our systems are designed specifically for your pool by the manufacture.


  • In Floor Cleaning SystemsKey Points:
    • Heads are included on the floor, steps, benches, and 4 returns on the wall.
    • In addition to cleaning, the systems provide better circulation and help heat the pool more efficiently (if applicable.)
    • An optional debris canister is available for heavy leaf situations.


Chemical Balance

Chemical BalanceHere are some of our common recommendations to help maintain the chemical balance of your pool.

    • Offline Chlorinator – This will feed chlorine into your pool from the equipment area vs. a blue floating chlorinator.
    • Salt-Chlorine Generating System – This will convert salt into chlorine which will make the water softer and easier on the eyes. By generating chlorine at a consistent rate, the pool will be easier to maintain.


  • UV Ozone SystemUV Ozone System – This is a great disinfectant and is introduced at the pump, it will appear as bubbles. These systems still require some chlorine.
  • Salt & Ozone System – By using both systems, the salt system will last longer with less chlorine needing to be generated. The Ozone helps lower the amount of calcium build-up in the pool.