The Pool Construction Process


Plan Review: The Head of Residential Pools reviews all plans before being released for construction to assure proper design, hydraulics, and detailing

Permitting & HOA: Pools by John Clarkson will prepare and submit your permit with all appropriate engineering. PBJC will also prepare plans as required for your HOA, if applicable.

Presite Meeting: This is when your sales consultant and project manager meet with you onsite to review items such as access, equipment location, plumbing, and electric runs, etc. in detail.


Constructing a pool is a BIG process that involves lots of heavy machinery, loads of dirt, large material deliveries, concrete trucks, and many large construction crews. Your backyard will be an active construction site, and it will look and feel that way. 


The first part is the most exciting, it’s time to dig your pool! You can be prepared by ensuring: 

  • Your access is ready, clear, and any fence panels are removed. 
  • Irrigation lines in the pool area or access are cut and capped as needed. 
  • Trees, bushes, or any other obstruction in the pool, access, or equipment area are removed as needed. 

First, we will pregrade your yard to remove surface grass and level things out. 

Next, we will form the walls of your pool. 

Then, using an excavator, we will dig your pool and remove the dirt from your yard. 

Now we “steel” the pool, forming the concrete shells internal reinforcement, and pre-plumb necessary in-pool plumbing fittings. For your safety, please stay away from the edge of the pool. 

Finally, we shoot the shell using a high-velocity concrete application method called shotcrete. A concrete pump, concrete truck, and a large crew are involved in this phase, which is the messiest and largest scale phase of construction. 


Next up we will install all plumbing lines and electrical conduits between the pool and equipment area, and set up your pool equipment.  

You are responsible for providing power to the equipment area. That must be complete or we must place your project on hold. 

Plumbing and electrical trenches are large, machine-made trenches. For your safety and to ensure the integrity of the lines in the trenches, please stay away from the plumbing trenches. 

Your equipment location was determined at your pre-site meeting.  

Minimum clearance requirements for equipment components will impact exact location. For example, gas heaters must not be within 5’ of door or window opening. 


Now it’s time to install your tile, coping, deck, and any stonework required. The finish line is within site! 

  • Don’t touch any new work – it is still setting! 
  • Decking deliveries are big, make sure your staging area is clear. 

First, the tile is set. Please do not touch the tile as it is still setting and its fragile edges can be chipped. 

Next, we’ll add the coping that sits above the waterline tile that is the edge of your deck at the pool. 

Finally, we’ll install your deck material. Your dream pool is starting to take shape! 



There’s just a little left to do and then it’s time to swim! 

  • Ensure all safety measures, fences, or screens required in your agreement are complete. 
  • Don’t swim until “official startup” is complete. 

First, we’ll thoroughly clean and prep the pool surface to get it ready for plaster. 

Next, the plaster crew will apply your pool’s plaster and hand-trowel the finish. This phase involves a large crew and a large plaster truck. 

When your pool is filling, it’s important to leave water on until the pool is full to the tile or else a ring can form. 

Don’t do that first cannonball until your pool goes through “official startup” so that chemicals are balanced and ready for you. 


At this point, we will ensure that the chemicals are balanced, you are instructed on all operations and the final detail work is complete. Your sales consultant and project manager will review your project on-site to assure everything is to our standards and you will now be able to enjoy your pool for years to come!

Now that your pool is complete, enjoy it! 

Have a morning cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise by your new pool, or a relaxing cocktail as the sun sets at the end of a long day. However you use your pool, we know you will enjoy it for many years to come. 

Thank you for choosing Pools by John Clarkson to build the backyard of your dreams! 


Warranty is a part of the construction process that is often overlooked. PBJC is here for all your warranty and service needs… We hope to continue a life-long relationship with your family!