Pool Toys to Elevate your Play Experience

This month we’re showcasing some of our favorite pool toys that can help bring excitement and imagination to your next pool get together. We’ve personally used all the recommendations below and gotten many, many hours of enjoyment out of them – we hope you do to! Remember no mater what toys you add to your pool an adult should be present and watching children swimmers closely.


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Snorkel Mask

Say goodbye to the old snorkel and mask setup and say hello to the Snorkels 2.0! These modern snorkel masks are revolutionary, offering a clear view with minimal fogging. Available in both adult and child sizes, these masks are perfect for exploring the underwater world of your pool.

Snorkel Mask - Amazon.com

Shark Dart

Simple yet endlessly entertaining, shark darts are perfect for a game of long-range underwater catch. Once submerged and filled with water, the shark can be tossed under water where it will glide up to 40 ft! It’s a fun and safe option for kids and adults alike.

Shark Dart - Target.com

Pool Basketball Goal

A poolside basketball goal is a must-have for those looking to blend sport with leisurely splashes. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, you’ll find it hard to resist taking a few shots while floating around the pool. This model is the sturdiest and most well-built we’ve seen, it offers great rim action, and breaks down easily for winter storage. Don’t forget to stock up on extra balls, they can be found at most sports store for around $5 each.

Pool Basketball Goal - Amazon.com

Subnado Underwater Scooter

This is the most expensive recommendation in our list, but it’s absolutely worth it! The Subnado Underwater Scooter is like having your own mini submarine wisk you around under water at speeds up to 4.6 ft/sec! It’s sturdy, well-built, and usually retails for around $500, though occasional sales approach $400. With handlebar and arm strap options, you can glide through the water with ease—grab two and pretend you’re Iron Man!

Subnado - Waydootech.com

Inflatable Boat

Inflatable boats are a hit with kids, sparking their imagination and leading to countless hours of adventure. Whether they’re pretending to be pirates or exploring uncharted waters, these boats can be a centerpiece of pool play. Just ensure that kids are supervised and never play under an overturned boat where you can’t see them.

Inflatable Boat - Amazon.com

Dinosaur Egg Iceballs

Ice Balls offer a fantastic poolside activity. Simply place a small plastic toy dinosaur, a beautiful flower, or a splash of food dye inside a balloon, fill it with water, and freeze it. Once frozen, cut away the balloon to reveal your unique and creative DIY poolside toy.