Commercial Pool Renovation

We are the Preferred Contractor for most Commercial Jobs

Thanks to our Commercial Pools operation, Pools by John Clarkson has earned a reputation as the preferred contractor for commercial jobs in Florida. Our highly-experienced commercial pool designers and renovators can save you tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance, repairs and operational costs. You can view the gallery of some of our more recent commercial projects.


  • PBJC can match the right surface to your pool based on many factors. Standard aggregates are an excellent place to start.
  • If you desire a beautiful, longer lasting finish, pebble finishes will do the trick.

Waterline Tile

While it is not always necessary to install new waterline tile during a re-surfacing, it is strongly recommended for two reasons.

  • First, it is highly likely they will be damaged in the process and if there are no extras, many times the tile is discontinued and impossible to find a close match.
  • Second, it is more expensive and does not finish as well when done separately.

Pool Deck

  • Many pools in need of remodel often feature a concrete/acrylic deck. The main issue with a concrete-based deck is that over time it will develop cracks. For that reason, we recommend re-surfacing an existing acrylic deck with a new acrylic surface, possibly in a flagstone pattern, at minimum.
  • Another option is to install a 1” remodel concrete paver deck over top of the concrete. In this case, we will cut the concrete cantilever edge around the pool perimeter and install a remodel paver coping. This will then be flush with the new 1” pavers.
  • A third option is to completely remove the existing deck and install new coping and pavers. This is especially ideal in major renovations involving addition of a splash pad, spa, or other water features.
  • Drainage– Over time, existing drains can be clogged or damaged. In the renovation process, we can replace, add, or expand drainage systems.

Pool Compliance

  • PBJC contractors and our partner engineers are knowledgeable about all the latest Department of Health, ADA and VGB compliance rules, as well as state codes.
  • This means that we are able to assist you, as a pool owner, operator or GC meet the guidelines that are required for your renovation.

Equipment Replacement

  • Replacing your equipment during the renovation process is not required, but highly recommended.
  • It is important to remember that during the remodel process, the pool equipment will be shut down for weeks, sometimes months depending on the scope.