Tips on Planning a Pool Remodel

Pool Remodel

Are you a proud pool owner looking to give it a renovation or maybe even transform your backyard into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of? Now is the perfect time to start planning a pool remodel with Pools by John Clarkson.


Whether you’re looking to replace finishing materials, enhance the design, add features and functionality or add an outdoor kitchen or living space, one of our Renovation Design Consultants can guide you through the entire process. Dive in and discover everything that is possible when you chose to remodel your pool with Pools by John Clarkson.

Planning Tips for a Successful Pool Remodel

Like any good project, a successful renovation starts with a plan. What’s your vision? Are you looking to simply replaster your pool or do you want to add on a spa or incorporate an outdoor living or kitchen area? Begin by identifying the changes you want to make, be they in the structure, design, or functionality of your pool. Pore over magazines, design websites, social media and of course the website for design inspiration. Your design should complement your home as well as its surrounding landscape – and most importantly, bring you happiness.

What Can Be Done When You Renovate Your Pool?

The only limits are your imagination! Most renovations start with a desire to redo the pool interior finish. Many people don’t realize how many option there are beyond interior finish that can be incorporated into a pool remodel. Below we walk you through just a few of the renovation services we offer.


Interior Finish

You know it’s time to consider renovating your pool’s interior when you begin seeing discoloration spots, etching, delamination (plaster separated from the pool shell), there are any “popups” where the plaster has worn through to the pool shell, and general roughness. Many older pools can be found with a basic white plaster or quartz finish that can be ready for a replaster in 8-10 years.


While we offer many types of interior finishes, our pebble finishes are our most popular thanks to their durability that can easily go beyond 20 years as well as the many color choice that are available to ensure your pool interior perfectly complements your backyard style.


Waterline Tile

Along with plaster, waterline tile is the other most common component of a pool remodel. I think most of us can agree some of the old pool tile designs from 20+ years ago have NOT aged well! New tile combined with a new interior finish can drastically change the look of your pool and breathe new life into its appearance.


We offer an enormous selection of tile options ranging from standard 6”x6” porcelain, large format 6”x24” tile, 1”x1” glass mosaics, and everything in between. No matter your style preference, there is a new tile design that will update your pool to match your style.


Coping & Pool Deck

Coping is the stone that sits atop your pool wall edge and serves as the edge where your pool deck meets the pool. If your pool is a little older, you may have a poured concrete slab pool deck that extends all the way to the edge of the pool, so there isn’t a separate coping stone.


One of the biggest aesthetic impacts you can make to update the look and feel of your backyard is to replace the existing pool deck and coping. While we can do one or the other to meet your preferences, many times these are done together. And while you are at it, now is the time to change your deck shape, add a new area for a fireplace or outdoor kitchen, or create an area for that covered pool cabana you’ve always dreamed of. We have a wide variety of modern coping and decking material choices to make your backyard vision a reality.


You Can Even Add a Spa or Sunshelf

One of the major pool design trends of the last decade is the sunshelf. This is typically an ~8” deep shelf on the edge of the pool that is ideal for supervised toddler waterplay or lounging in a low sun chair and enjoying the view. We can also add-on that spa you always secretly wished you had!


Water Features

Another option while renovating is adding water features. Many people enjoy the splashing water noise a water feature can provide as a calm and comfortable background noise; others enjoy them as a visual treat. Either way, you like it, if you’ve always wanted a water feature, renovation is the time! Just a few options we provide:

  • Sheer descent waterfall: A raised wall with a waterfall water feature that arcs down into the water. These can be done in lengths ranging from 1’ to 6’.
  • Bubbler: A bubbler is a small jet head in a sunshelf that is flush with the pool finish surface and provides a frothy column of water that extends above the surface. It creates a nice water sound and kinds typically find them fun to play in.
  • Deck Jets: These are small flush mount jets in the pool deck that arc up and into the pool.
  • Laminar Jets: Similar to a deck jet, but the stream is nearly glass like with minimal droplets that fall out the pool deck. They also enter the pool much smoother, creating a quieter water effect.


One of the biggest improvements you can make to your pool is upgrading to modern multi-color LED lighting. Depending on the age of your pool, it might very well have a single, large 500W incandescent pool light in one end to light the entire pool. Modern LED lighting allows you to select from many color choices and includes the ability to dim your lights as well – a huge improvement over lights of the past. You’ll be able to celebrate the holidays (orange for Halloween, green for St. Patty’s!) or pick the perfect color choice to illuminate your nights. And LED lights can offer over 90% energy reduction, helping the environment and your wallet.


Screen Enclosures

A screen enclosure is a popular option here in Florida to keep bugs, critters, and those annoying Oak tree leaves out of the pool. We can help you add a screen enclosure to your pool as part of your renovation.


Outdoor Living: Think Beyond the Pool

Another major design trend in pools over the last decade is the inclusion of outdoor living and kitchen spaces in the dream backyard design. Our Outdoor Living team can help you make your dreams a reality, big or small. Below are just a few of the Outdoor Living offerings we can provide:

  • Kitchens
  • Living spaces
  • Fireplaces
  • Cabanas

Upgrade Your Equipment for Energy Efficiency and Ease of Use

Modern pool systems have come along way in just the last few years and now offer full automation and control from the touch of your hands through a smartphone app. Want to schedule the spa to turn on every Wednesday evening after your yoga class or have your deck jets run in the morning when you have your coffee? Control is in the palm of your hands. You can even remotely control your pool from anywhere in the world.


If your pool pump is an old single speed design, now is definitely the time refresh that old equipment. A modern variable speed pump will save you money every month thanks to its energy saving variable speed design, and best of all – it’s so much quieter! In normal circulation mode you won’t even know that it’s running.


Key Factors to Consider

While planning your pool remodel, three critical factors can heavily influence your project’s success: budget, design preferences, and materials chosen. Beginning with a definitive budget helps narrow down choices and keeps your project within sustainable boundaries. Allocate funds for unexpected expenses such as resodding your lawn, as these are almost inevitable in any pool construction project.


Meanwhile, your design preferences will dictate the aesthetic and functional aspects of your pool. Decide on the color, texture, and style, considering how it fits with the overall look of your house and yard. When it comes to materials, you have a multitude of options. From the pool’s interior finish to the decking and coping materials, remember that each choice can dramatically impact the pool’s durability, maintenance needs, and visual appeal. Our Renovation Design Consultants are here to help you every step of the way from deciding on features to helping make that final material selection.

Why Choose Pools by John Clarkson for Your Pool Remodel?

Our team of experts offers a comprehensive solution for pool remodel planning and elegant pool construction, staying updated with the latest pool renovation trends. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high-quality result for each client. We’ll guide you through every step of the renovation process, so you always know what to expect.

Start Planning Your Pool Remodel Today with Pools by John Clarkson

Whether it’s a simple interior refinish or a complete pool, deck, and outdoor living renovation, Pools by John Clarkson is here to help you make your renovation a success. Your pool is more than just a place to swim; it’s where memories are made. Let us help you create a pool that’s truly your own.