Safety Options

SafeftyUnderstanding what’s required in the State of Florida: For more details visit:


Protecting people from getting inside your pool from outside your property.

  • Yard Fence and Gates that meet pool code
  • A Screen Enclosure with doors that meet pool code
  • An Automatic Pool Cover (ASTM F 1346-91)


Protecting people from getting into your pool from inside your house.

  • Child safety fence that meets pool code
  • Buoy float alarm complying with ASTM F2208
  • Home alarms that comply UL 2017.
  • An Automatic Pool Cover (ASTM F 1346-91)


If you have young children:

For your pool, we strongly recommend that you use a solid barrier such as a child safety fence between your home and your pool. A gate is able to be added that meets pool code. We also recommend swim lessons such as ISR –


If you’re having a party:

We strongly recommend that you hire a lifeguard or use a Designated Pool Watcher System, in which at least 1 responsible adult is paying full attention to the swimmers and pool at all times.


Drain & Drain Covers:

If there is a broken or missing drain cover, this should be replaced immediately, and the pool shall remain closed until repaired. In addition, even with the new codes and the VGB Act, we strongly recommend avoiding playing around the drains, and not allowing hair to be directly over them.


For more information and safety tips visit:

FSPA Safety-

Safe Kids-