Prolong Your Pool Season with the Right Heater for Your Needs

When it comes to enjoying your swimming pool year-round or extending your pool season into the chillier months, having a reliable and efficient pool heater is essential. Pools by John Clarkson understands the importance of keeping your pool at the perfect temperature, and we offer several heating solutions to heat your pool depending on how you plan to use your pool.

Gas Heaters

A gas pool heater burns gas to heat water for your pool or spa, making it a great pool heating solution if you have low-cost access to natural gas or propane. An advantage of having a gas heater is that they can heat your pool or spa much faster than a heat pump. Plus, gas pool heaters perform well regardless of the outside temperature — allowing you to quickly heat your pool and spa even when it’s cold out. Even if you don’t have gas currently at your home, a propane tank can easily be installed above or below ground to provide gas for your new pool heater.

Heat Pumps

A pool heat pump runs on electricity and takes heat from the air and transfers it into your pool water. Heat pumps do not provide the raw heating power of a gas heater to quickly heat your pool, however they operate extremely efficiently and excel at maintaining water temperature over long periods of time.

In addition to heating your pool, our heat pumps can also cool your pool! Now you can heat your pool to extend your swimming season while also cooling your pool in the heat of the summer so you have perfect temperature pool water year round!

How to decide – how do you plan to use your pool?

  1. Heating a spa or pool on-demand
    For nearly all spas, a gas heater is the right heater for the job. You can rapidly heat a spa with a gas heater so it’s ready to use shortly after you decide you want to use it. When not in spa mode, the gas heater can also be used to heat your pool: win-win! This is ideal for heating the pool for a day here and there, but is not a cost-effective way to maintain your pool temp over a long period of time.

  2. Maintain pool temperature throughout the season
    A heat pump is a highly-efficient way to maintain your ideal swimming temperature during the swimming season and to extend the swimming season leading into and out of summer. And because PBJC offers heat/cool heat pumps, it can cool to the ideal temperature in the middle of the summer if needed. Depending on several factors such as the size of your pool, what temperature you want to maintain, and how many months during the year you want to swim, more than one heat pump could be required.

  3. Best of both worlds
    Many PBJC customers choose to have both a gas heater and heat pump installed on their pools so they have the best of both worlds! This gives you the ultimate in pool heating capabilities and flexibility.

Pool Heater Installation – Pools by John Clarkson

Even here in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, you need a pool heater to enjoy your pool outside of the sunny summer months. As your trusted pool professionals in Northeast Florida, the team at Pools by John Clarkson will take the time to better understand how you plan to use your pool year-round, walk you through a number of quality pool heater options and ensure you are getting the right product for your needs. We also offer efficient installation services to get the job done right every time.

To learn more, or get started on enjoying your pool year-round, contact our team today.