Fountains, Water Features and Fun

In addition to the swimming pool itself, there are many options to add aesthetically pleasing areas for adults, kids, and even dogs, to enjoy the water. We’ve listed a few below:


Entry Fountains

A fountain at the entry of your property and/or building will enhance the aesthetics and welcome your visitors with the pleasant sound of water.


Lazy Rivers


The name says it all! Adults and kids alike, enjoy floating and relaxing in a lazy river pool.


Interactive Water Features


  • These are fun attractions that will bring attention to your property.
  • At its grandest, the Bellagio water shows are the best example of an interactive water feature. They can also be done with a more simple application.


Water Slides & Multi-Level Water Play Structures


  • If you are looking to create a waterpark destination, you will want to consider water slides and multi-level water play structures.
  • PBJC works with companies that have designed and manufactured these across the country, and will be willing to help with your needs.


Dog Pools


  • If you are thinking about creating an area for dogs to have fun in the water, you’ve come to the right place! PBJC has constructed multiple dog pools.
  • PBJC has worked with K9 for Warriors along with dog resorts, including both indoor and outdoor dog pools.
  • PBJC has even done dog pools for apartments and condos to be in the dog play areas.


Splash Pads & Spray Grounds


  • These are some of the more popular items with the young folks at the pool.
  • Splash Pads and Spray Grounds can be as big and elaborate or as simple as you like; but all include fun, water features in an area with no standing water for safer use.
  • Many existing facilities have chosen to replace old round wading pools with this new fun feature.