The Design Process

Foundation Survey of Your Home: We start by reviewing your survey, which shows us the municipality / county setbacks and easements along with property lines. In addition, your house dimensions will be shown on the plan for the design process.

Review of Site Conditions: Items and elements that may affect the design such as yard slopes, elevations, focal points, center lines, trees, etc. will then be reviewed to determine the best layout of design.

Design Style: Determining the general shape that you would like for your pool, such as linear or free-form, is a great place to start thinking about the pool itself. Then, we factor in the style of your home as well as your personal style preferences such as contemporary, modern, traditional, etc.

Features, Details, Finishing Touches: This is when you consider adding in design elements such as a spa, water features, fire features, an elevated deck, a vanishing edge, perimeter overflow, etc.

Outdoor Living Space: This is when we will design the decking to accommodate the outdoor features such as a screen enclosure, firepit or fireplace, outdoor bar-b-que, pergola, putting greens, etc.

Material Selections: Not only will these selections affect the price of your project, they will greatly affect the look. This is a reason why we recommend a meeting in our showroom for a better understanding of the materials we offer.

3D View of Plans: By being able to view your home and backyard in 3D, you’ll gain a more realistic sense of your project and how it ties into your home.