Design/Build Process

What Is the Design – Build Process?

Design – Build is a construction process utilizing a contractor and engineer/designer working side by side with the owner to design a project within a set budget established by the owner. Once the design is completed, the contractor then builds the project at the budgeted cost.


How does Design – Build save Money?

Using value engineering throughout the design – build process and not just when the bid comes in too high, the client receives dollar for dollar cost savings on any necessary reductions in scope or amenities. In addition, by working closely with the engineers and knowing Florida’s Health Department requirements, the design can be completed with less revisions… thus saving on design costs.


How does Design – Build save Time?

The design – build process streamlines the time needed to design and then complete the project in a number of ways.


One is that in Florida the commercial codes are different from the rest of the country. It is common for a designer from out of state to create plans that cannot be built in Florida; which then need to be redesigned. Since PBJC knows and understands the State Codes, we can help streamline the design process.


In addition, design – build eliminates the need to get bids for construction after design is done. In some cases, some preliminary site work can even be completed simultaneously with the design process, again saving considerable time.


How does Design – Build lead to a better overall Project?

By controlling the design, budgeting and construction processes, PBJC can manage the flow of the project, which helps, keep everything on schedule and in budget. In addition, by working directly and closely with the owner(s), we are better able to understand the expectations and goals of the project…, which leads to the best results.


Why Choose PBJC For A Design Build Project?

Experience! Few firms out there have the aquatic facility construction experience necessary coupled with almost 30 years of building all types of commercial aquatic projects. We know what works and what does not. We have vast experience working with commercial clients of all types on all levels. We know our clients and we know aquatics!