How much does a swimming pool cost?

It is a seemingly simple question, yet the question is difficult for pool builders to answer. Why is that?

One of the most critical reasons is that, just like asking a jeweler how much a diamond costs or asking a hotel how much a room costs, price on its own depends on several factors that often depend on customer’s goals, wants, and needs. For Example:

Hotels – They offer different sized rooms, different views, and many different amenities—and the choice on which option is “best” depends entirely on the consumer.

Cruises – Cruise liners offer different sized cabins with different windows on different decks—and the choice on which option is “best” depends entirely on the consumer.

Cars – different companies, in different sizes, with many different options— make themand the choice on which option is “best” depends entirely on the consumer.

Jewelry – They are many different styles, different materials, and different quality— in most cases, it takes an expert to understand the full value.

In a similar way, pool companies offer a multitude of options for consumers to choose what is best for them, these options come at different price points. In most cases, it takes an expert to understand the full value.

Thus, asking how much a pool costs is similar to asking how much a car or vacation or necklace costs: The answer depends on how the pool company can create a customized experience at the desired price point of the consumer.

A customized experience can come at different price points, depending on priorities.  As the saying goes… how long is a piece of string?

To illustrate, these pools have all been designed to fit a customer’s priorities and experiences and incorporate less custom features which may help keep the price lower.

Whereas these pools have all been designed to fit a customer’s priorities and experiences, yet cost significantly more:

Beware though! Different price points do not have to come at the expense of differences in quality. It is one of the most important aspects when considering the price of a pool: That the company maintains their commitment to quality across their different price points.

What factors then should pool builders never sacrifice on? Consider the following:

Quality of Materials – It’s easy to cut corners on the quality of materials by using inferior steel, less concrete, cheaper equipment, and lower quality decking materials, for example. However, the result is a product that at some point is going to have trouble and expenses down the road. We are not interested in building a product that is going to have problems down the road.

Quality of Construction – It’s easy to hire lower-cost, less-skilled labor, and use “cut corners” techniques, such as using smaller piping, and/or using the “rebound” concrete splatter that bounces off and is supposed to be discarded. These are all recipes for disaster, which is why we always avoid them.

Choices of Features – There are easily more than 100 delightful features you could add to your new swimming pool, such as vanishing edge, beach entries, waterfalls, fountains, slides, outdoor kitchens, and so much more. Moreover, every one of these can be a delight to own, and worth every penny. However, every feature will add more cost to your pool.

Energy Efficiency and Ease of Maintenance – These features will most likely have the greatest impact on your day-to-day enjoyment of your swimming pool. Because with the right equipment and technology, you can own a swimming pool that practically takes care of itself. On the other hand, if you try to save a few thousand dollars on equipment, you will be stuck manually maintaining your swimming pool every week for the rest of your life. You may also pay for it in higher energy costs, since the lower-cost equipment is not near as energy efficient as the equipment we use at Pools by John Clarkson.

Size and Depth of Pool – This actually does not affect the price of a pool as dramatically as some other items, but upsizing or downsizing a pool with the same sets of features will have a direct impact on the price. In this case, we do not care what size your pool is, as long as it is perfect for you.

Yard Elevation and Other Challenges – Fortunately for us in Florida, most of our backyards tend to be flat. But if there are elevation changes, and/or other issues such as access or soil stability, there may be additional measures required to build the pool for a lifetime of service. Fortunately, if any of these special measures are required, we will identify that up front before we make a proposal or sign a contract.

Ultimately, the purchase of a swimming pool is about communicating with someone who can understand both your needs and desired price point—and many consumers are surprised to learn just how many options are available to create a backyard paradise that meets their needs at their price point.

So if you are curious how much a pool costs, come ask! We would be more than happy to hear your desires and help you find the right backyard paradise at the right price point.

To find out what one of our surprisingly affordable pools might cost in your yard, just give us a call. We will be happy to offer you our best advice (904) 223-4050.

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