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One of the best things about being a pool builder is to hear all the nice things our customers say about us.  Here are just a few of the kind words that we manage to capture in writing:


"Quality, Workmanship, Professionalism, Industry Leaders. These are just a few words of the words that come to mind when describing Pools by John Clarkson. Their skill and passion for our industry is a constant reminder of how a clear vision and sense of their marketplace contribute to their continued success. Zodiac has been so fortunate to have been partnered with both United Aqua Group and Pools by John Clarkson for the past 20 years. We cannot think of another company that is more deserving than Pools by John Clarkson to receive the Zodiac Pool of the Year!"


Craig Goodson


Zodiac Pool Systems



"I wanted to send this letter personally thanking you for doing such a great job on my new swimming pool.


I have worked with other pool builders in the past and working with your company was certainly a very different and pleasurable experience. The product is exactly what I wanted for my home.


As stated in a previous email, dealing with individuals with tremendous integrity such as Jordan, Judd, Mark, Jim and your entire team is how companies should aspire to do business. It's very clear it comes from the top of your organization.


I look forward to building my next swimming pool with your company."


Darrell W. Crochet



"Please know, that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our pool and that it has really improved our quality of life....we entertain all the time and David is in that darn thing like a frog!"


The Stoddard's



"We would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did on our pool!


First, we were so surprised that you were able to provide the pool we wanted in the budget we specified. Not only did you build us a beautiful pool that exactly suited our budget and our needs, you gave us exactly what we wanted, plus more, and we did not have to sacrifice one item on our 'wish list'. You truly exceeded our expectations.


Next, as 'perpetual renovators', we have dealt with so many contractors and subcontractors; we assumed our pool project would drag on like all the other projects we have undertaken in the past. Wewere so pleasantly surprised by the prompt manner in which you came to view the site, measure the area, and get your crew started. Our friends and neighbors were as complimentary of the progress as I posted it on Facebook.


We absolutely LOVE the salt water system. It is so low maintenance. We've had quite a number of pool parties since July and everyone loves the softness of the water and the absence of chemicals in their hair and swimsuits.


Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to build such a beautiful pool at a price we could afford. It has truly turned our home into a haven for us, our friends and our family and has brought us so much enjoyment to us over the past months.


Your company has been a true pleasure to work with. We are happy to recommend your company to anyone who wants a quality pool at a very fair price."


Mark & Allison Broughton



"I am writing to let you know how absolutely thrilled we are with our new pool. We have worked with many contractors in the past but none have come close to the professionalism and quality workmanship your company provided. The construction of our pool was completed quickly and flawlessly.


I wish I could name and personally thank each person who had an impact because they were all fantastic and very skilled at their jobs. I will mention that Mark, who managed the project, was on top of the project every step of the way.


My biggest thank you, however, goes to Joel. Joel was integral in our decision to choose Pools by John Clarkson. We knew little about your company and were hesitant to go with an "unknown" but Joel's demeanor, patience and willingness to work with us on our decking choice, design and budget was unsurpassed. He helped answer all of our questions without putting any pressure on us to sign a contract.


The workmanship and quality of your pool speaks for itself. Every neighbor, family member and friend who has seen it comments on how absolutely beautiful it is and how they feel like they are at a resort in our backyard.


Thanks for helping us transform our backyard into something we will enjoy for years to come!"


Cort and Mary Beth Raithel



"I started the pool project in my yard with great trepidation, having heard many horror stories. I can say with absolutely honesty the project was a delight, from the initial meeting until completion.


Joel was great listening to my list of requests and designing exactly what I wanted and then dealing with all the questions and calls that followed. I would also add that you left the yard in better shape than you found it the remedial work carried out in regards to the fencing and the grading of the yard was superb.


The work happened on time and I knew every step of the process what was done and why, so I have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone.


I love my pool and thank you all for your patience, good nature and absolute professionalism."


Julie Collison



"Great construction, service, attention to detail, and especially good people to work with."


Jeffrey Glyn Glasgow



"We love our pool! The design & the process from beginning to end was wonderful."


The Weiss Family



“Thanks so much. You really did a fabulous job and we enjoyed “creating” with you . . . We are extremely pleased with the results and appreciate how stress-free the entire process was for us.”


The Rubin’s



“Hey Jordan, here are some of the pictures we talked about.  I hope they will be useful to you.  I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated having you and PBJC build our pool.  It has been the best investment and addition that we have done to our home.  At one point we were considering adding on to our home over the garage, but after the pool and its large deck were built, the extra space has been perfect for our family and taken away our need for more space inside the house.


From about March on, we have many different families come over to enjoy a time of playing in the pool with our kids.  It's the only way to entertain when families with children come to visit.  The children play in the pool for hours and hours.


Your suggestion of putting in the heat pump, instead of the solar panels has been a great suggestion too.  This December, my parents came for Christmas, when the daytime highs were in the 70's but night time temperatures were pretty low.  We heated the pool for a day, and it was warm enough to enjoy those memories with my parents at the end of December!  We had two different families come with 5 children in October and then the middle of November.  Here again, we stoked up the heater and had tons of fun swimming, when there wouldn't have been enough sunshine to guarantee the water would get hot enough otherwise.


Also, I wanted to let you know the design you created, with the 6ft. X 4 ft. area that only has 9 inches of water is a big hit for our family.  It makes the pool so versatile.  Adults can lounge on it just to keep cool. Best of all, I know that we have taught at least 8 really young children how to enjoy the pool by having that area for them to splash around in before they are ready to jump into the 3 ft. area.  We affectionately call this are 'The Beach'.


The most important thing I wanted to say thank you for was the incredible 'after-the sale' service that your company has provided to us through out the past 4 years.  From having the paver brick guys come out to re-level the back part of our retaining wall, when it settled unevenly after so much rain from the many hurricanes we had that first summer, to the most recent time when you had Jim come out and find the issue we were experiencing.  Wow!  I can't thank you enough for being there as a stable, consistent, honest vendor in this market place.  You guys are the best and we appreciate you very much.


Have a great day Jordan,”



Shannon Stanley



"Jeremy, I just got home to see the completion of the pavers, stone, and grout and so both Heather and I want to send a huge “Thank You” for staying on top of the remaining items helping to finish it off before our party this Saturday.   I know a lot of this was out of your control as we waited for the gas company to order and install the correct burner, but we are really impressed with your commitment to quickly finish it out following that install.  It really means a lot to us to have this focal point of our pool (and house) complete and so we will not only showcase it but also plug Clarkson Pools for a great job all around.  I know you had mentioned that you would like to get some pictures so if that’s still the case, just let me know when you would like to do that."


"Thanks again for all your help and feel free to use us a reference moving forward."





"Good news, the pavers are all in (finished on Saturday) and the decking looks fantastic.  One of my neighbors is a landscaping professional (does pavers too) and watched your guys work to perfection.  He was so impressed with the level of detail and care cutting each paver and placing it just right -- quality work."





"We send this email with beyond wonderful appreciation for your service and dedication. You have addressed our needs on three different occasions in a little over a month. The spa jets have been fixed, the h20 sensor replaced and now the spa/pool lights (I'm assuming it was the GFI?). Regardless, we cannot thank PBJC enough for this prompt attention. In an age where a lot of businesses lack accountability, dedication and commitment PBJC has shown their clients they will stand-by their products. It is so frightening to head into the "pool builder" search process and even scarier going with your gut when making a decision (even though another company may be less expensive). PBJC has proven to us all over again WHY we went with you guys!"


"We can't thank you enough for helping make owning a pool just that much easier!"


"Kindest regards,"


Angela & Rebecca



"Gary is fantastic! I appreciate his professionalism and attention to detail. He is exceptional and so conscientious.


Our pool looks great! Thanks for providing great pool service!"


"Enjoy your weekend!"






“Hi Joel,


The pool has just been fantastic and we have enjoyed it all summer. We had a block party last month and everyone complemented us on the pool. You guys did a real bang up job. If you every want to show prospective buyers the quality of your pools please fell free to bring them around and if you want to take some pictures of the completely finished product just stop by.


Thanks again for a fantastic pool.”


Dennis and Mary-Ellen Blair



“We made the right choice of Pool Companies. Your great reputation made us feel very confident in the quality of your work. Thanks for the professionalism and attention we received. I would recommend you to our friends 100%. Thank You”


Vicki Marra



“Incredible Experience, best I’ve had with a Contractor. Very Detailed, Timely & Professional. Jordan is outstanding. I will refer as many people as I can. Awesome Job!




Ryan MacClellan



“The quality of the work was excellent . . . The follow-up from any question or request was great . . . The new pool is Beautiful and I would use Pools by John Clarkson again.”


Kathy Buffkin



“. . . we were pleased with the behavior and performance of the workers. All pleasant and courteous; never saw such hard workers!”


The Rovers



When we moved into the house, we contracted with Pools by John Clarkson to construct a pool, put pavers on our patio and construct a screen over the entire facility.  While Pulte did not oversee this construction, they did recommend John Clarkson to us.  We have been very pleased with both the construction and service provided by this company.


The service they have provided us has been exemplary and they have stood behind their product with no exceptions.  A number of Riverwood residents have constructed pools using other builders.  They wanted to save a few dollars in so doing.  Unfortunately, these people are paying for this with continual maintenance on pools that are less than 18 months old.


We highly recommend Pools by John Clarkson.


Wayne and Carol Heckrotte



When I contracted to have my home built in May of 2007, Pulte was co-opting with John Clarkson pools. They had built the pools in the models and were the company buyers had to use if they wanted a pool before closing.


Patsy and I are glad those were the rules in effect. We are totally satisfied and our pool gets compliments from those who have visited us. There are two pools within 200' of my home that were built by the "cheapest bid". My neighbor across the street had to have two separate companies come to straighten out the poor design and workmanship of a St. Augustine builder. They spent months re-plumbing his system and installing more equipment. This was all on his dime! The neighbors next door had to have their pool drained and resurfaced. The coating was wearing off and clogging the filter system. The installer blamed the manufacturer and vice versa. After a year it was repaired.


I want to recommend John Clarkson Pools to you. They are top of the line. The warranty for home pools is the longest in the industry. Before they carried equipment from Jandy Corporation, John Clarkson asked for and received an extended warranty for their equipment with the caveat that a factory trained and employed tech would be available to service all installations. I do know that Clarkson will stand behind their work and do what is right for their customers.


Best regards, Joe Fittipaldi



We send this to you as happy Riverwood residents.  Much of our positive experience can be attributed to Pulte staff and the excellent craftsmanship of contractors and subcontractors hired by Pulte.  One of those contractors we rate as superior is Pools by John Clarkson.  When we built our home at 202 Marsh Hollow Road, Clarkson Pools designed and built our extended enclosed lanai and spa.  At the completion of this project, and two years into the use of our lanai and spa, we are extremely pleased with the product design and performance.  If we were to do this project again today, we would not hesitate to choose Clarkson, and we have recommended them to many of our neighbors.


We recommend that you consider the many positive attributes of Clarkson Pools.  Their cost, schedule and performance on our project were excellent.  We think it is important that you have customer experience to consider, and we strongly recommend Pools by John Clarkson. 



Col and Mrs. E. Rivers, USMC (Ret)



“. . . Jim Sasser, Henry – tile guy & paver guys [all went] ‘above and beyond’ our expectations. Thanks for everyone’s hard work and great results!”


Gary and Rita Larson



“The finished product looks great! . . . The salesman told me it would be done by FL vs. GA and it was (big deal for me) . . . Everyone was great!”


Adam Gaslin



“Larry & I wanted to Thank you for all the thought & effort you have put into our project. We enjoyed seeing you, meeting Mark & especially hanging with Wrigley! Thanks Again”


Larry and Molly Payne



“. . . All expectations handled well . . . unusual pool – done well.”


Steve West



“I wanted to give a special thank you for the way you took care of my pool. Everything is working great and taken care of. Jim did a great job and I really appreciate it.”


Sandy Andrews



“Much appreciation for everyone’s hard work. We love the pool!!!”


The Lewis Family



"Just wanted to let you know that the walkway Renaldo and crew did today is beautiful!!!! Thanks so much to all of you!"


Jennifer Stormont



"Let us first start by saying that from the moment we entered your showroom we felt instantly comfortable with the process and your organization.  Kevin, our salesman, pateiently walked us through the details and our options and was always ready  and eager to handle out many changed and requests.


Out the process started, Marc was on the ball at all times.  He continually made sure we were informed and comfortable with each phase. Every one of your crew, employees and subcontractors were top notch.  Our neighbors commented that it seemed like someone was at our house everyday working on the pool.  That pretty much was the case.  Whenever we were told something was going to occur, it did on time, every time.


I had heard horror stories from friends anout tother companies and how difficult of a time they had in their pool construction.  I want to emplatically state that we could have not been more pleased with our experience."


Shannon and Marty Bray




“The pool is very nice.  We have been very satisfied.  Kevin has been very helpful throughout the project”


Don & Dawn Johnson



“We are very excited about how everything has gone.  You and your team are so professional and great to work with.  I can't thank you guys enough for all you have done and being patient with us going through this process.  Our recommendation to anyone for your professionalism, workmanship and overall dealings would be a pleasure to pass along”.


Terri Fountain



"PBJC has been awesome to work with, not only during the construction process, but after the pool was completed as well. The called me after 30 days and then again after 6 months, and again after 11 months, which is unheard of. I have referred them numerous times to my neighbors and my clients and will continue to do so in the future."


Don Brewer



"I wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your staff. As we discussed during our first meeting, your company was the highest bidder for my pool project. I'm happy to tell you, it was worth every penny. While there are challenges with any project of this size, the difference is in your staff. Their professionalism throughout this project was outstanding. Specifically, Tom & Kevin! They were a pleasure to work with and insured cast in I not only understood each step in the process, but also ensured "our" pool was "their" pool! In your business, it is important to have "customers for life." Because of your staff, Kathy & I have joined that group!"


Dan Conran



"I want to drop you a note to thank you for taking care of a bad situation with our pool decking. Our pool deck has never looked so good. Tony price and his crew came to our home and completely removed all the old layers of paint and decking. Their attention to detail was just amazing. The new texture/color is beautiful. Our pool is finally the way we had pictured it when we had it put in four years ago.


I will recommend your pool company to anyone considering putting in a pool because you do stand by your product."


Janet Johnson



“We have been looking forward to sending this letter almost from the start of construction based on the wonderful experience with Pools by John Clarkson. Now that all has been completed, it is with great pleasure that we send this note.


From the initial design and budget meetings with Joel Hartman, through construction managed by Mark Gardner, and finishing with “pool school” with John Townsend, we have been impressed with the integrity and quality of work done by your company. Admittedly, our expectations were high based on a grand vision for our pool, spa and firepit area. And to be perfectly honest, you exceeded our expectations. This includes all of the sub-contractors used from framing the pool, shooting the shell (these guys were artists), to the masterful installation of the travertine deck.


Every aspect of building the pool was done on time and within budget as agreed. The few variables that inevitably came up were dealt with to our complete satisfaction. Your team was exceptionally professional, courteous, reliable and flexible. We want to thank you for your personal involvement and the decisions you made out our behalf.


Our thanks for a job well done- it has been a fun-filled Spring and Summer with our new pool!"


Ron & Stacie Sullivan



“It has been an excellent experience dealing with all the professionals at PBJC.  Thank you.”


Alina Alvarez



"Everyone has been extremely pleasant and willing to work with us during the project. You have no idea some of the designs we got back from other pool companies after giving them the same explanation of what we wanted our pool to look like. It was like they didn't even listen to anything we said. The couple of companies that did actually listen were not excited to think outside the box. A couple of companies even made fun of us a little bit for what we were asking. You guys took what we said in the introductory meeting to heart and came back with a design that was spot on. There was hardly anything to change! That is what stood out in our mind as one of the most appealing things about Pools by John Clarkson. Now that the pool is almost finished, Tom has been very helpful with talking to us about our punch list. Anna and I have been extremely pleased overall in our experience with you guys. We love the pool and dealing with Pools by John Clarkson has been great. We will certainly recommend you all to people we know. Thanks again and we are looking forward to the remainder of the project."


Kevin Valent



"We are delighted with the pool that you built for our new home. It was completed last August and we moved in shorthly thereafter. In addition to yourself, your staff has worked diligently in providing the best possible service. You have changed the horsepower twice to increase the flow of the water out of the jets in the Jacuzzi, and we are enjoying it daily. The few problems seem to get resolved very quickly and for this we are very grateful. You are being recommended to all of our friends that are building new homes with pools!"


Gerald & Evelyn Buxbam



"Things went great, we have no complaints. They were on time which was very important to us because we were on a construction schedule building our home. If there were any issues raised during the build out the construction crew were right on it. During the process a supervisor was constantly overseeing quality assurance."


Dean & Brenna Hall



We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your pool contractor, Pools by John Clarkson, that you have set an excellent example of the highest caliber. Your pool and associated landscape is exquisite. The care and expertise taken in the installation of the pool is most evident and resulted in minimal disturbance to adjacent property and common areas. It is a pleasure for us to come across this level of excellence and we appreciate your attention to our requirements.


Rick Pariani & Vanessa Cunningham



"First, let us say that we enjoy our pool and spa by John Clarkson. We feel that the whole experience -- designed to warranty -- has been a pleasant one, and that only happens if you have a good product and good people.


My wife and I wanted to go on record to command Jim Sasser for some of the recent warranty work is done on our pool and spa.  He found and fixed the leak in our spot, and raised our pool equipment above a bad water pooling situation. This work was performed with no hassles for us. We feel that Jim is a great asset to your company.


With no reservations in recommending pools by John Clarkson to anyone that is looking for a new pool or spa."


Bob and Jutta Jacobs



"We were very happy with the results of our pool remodel. We knew the quality would he excellent and that was very important to us. We were very happy with the outcome and the work they did. We are vey pleased with our pool and we did get the quality we expected."


Daniel Harris



"Just a quick note to thank you for all of your help with the design, construction and opening of our new pool.  We are more than pleased with the final product and the exceptional customer service extended to us during the design and building process.  The time you and your staff spent with us designing the pool and waterfall truly went beyond our expectations.  Building a home and a pool simultaneously from across the country was much easier with the Clarkson family behind us. Your products, showroom and well trained staff made the entire experience a breeze.  We will be sure to tell our friends and neighbors about your product and service every chance we get. If anyone is interested in contacting us or coming by to see the pool, please let us know.  Again, many thanks for going above and beyond, we are customers for life!"


Bob & Jen Edwards



"We had a great experience. We have not had any major issues or hiccups. Any time we needed service they were always very good at coming right out. We have recommended them to our friends."


Dave & Tori Hemmingway



“This is our very first pool. We were nervous going into this. PBJC did an amazing job, especially make sure that we were happy every step of the way. Any time we had a question or concern, we were always contacted in a timely manner. As people compliment us on our beautiful pool, we always brag about PBJC. Everyone from Kevin, Joel, Mark, Ryan, Rivercity Pavers, “tile guys”, “coping guys”, “concrete guys”, went above and beyond. We cannot say Thank You enough.”


Henry & Rachel Ledesma



“I am truly impressed by the professionalism, convenience, and ease of doing business with Pools by John Clarkson. Kevin Chung is clearly well qualified to offer sound advice and good suggestions to ensure that the final product would be exactly what I was looking for. Service has been excellent and response time has been great. We have been extremely pleased with the product and quality, and I have received so many compliments. My family and I look forward to the years ahead of summer fun. Thanks.”


Stacy Farris



"Thank you for a wonderful pool design!  It is breathtaking!"


Joe and Ann Braunstein



"13 years ago, we had a pool built by John Clarkson. When we moved and decided to have a pool added to our new home, we didn't think twice. We called John Clarkson first. In the name of good business, we also got bids from three other pool companies. However we only confirmed what we already knew -- no one can beat the quality of John Clarkson. We are now enjoying our second pool built by John Clarkson, and will continue to recommend this company to friends and neighbors interested in building a quality pool. The service from the first day of building to the first swim day is without complaint. Their personal concern and involvement sets the industry standard for customer service.


“By the way, Jamie's service has been awesome! We used to clean our own pool, but we are now spoiled and will continue with his service. "


Karen Grissinger



"I want to share with you what an outstanding job your company did from start to finish on this project. I also want to acknowledge the two individuals who were most instrumental in causing us to be so satisfied.


It all started with our initial contact with Joel Hartman. We have selected your company as well as two others from which to get a proposal. While you were not the least expensive of the three, Joel's expertise convinced us that overall you were the best choice. In all of our interactions, Joel was responsive. It was clear to us during the entire process that he had the trust of your management to make the necessary decisions and adjustments that we requested. There is no question that he was the principal reason we chose your company.


The second individual we would like to recognize is Mark Gardner who was our project manager. The installation and the quality of the installation was of course the most important part of this entire process for us. In this case, the job Mark did was nothing less than outstanding. From start to finish, he demonstrated his competency, was responsive to our concerns, and truly made this an enjoyable process. If anything went wrong, he offered no excuses; he just took care of it. we trusted Mark, and that was a very important part of the process for us. I had contracted for a number of pools in our own homes over the years. Clearly Mark made this one of the very best experiences we've ever had."


Ken Bertaccini