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Low Maintenance / Zero Maintenance


Paramount PCC 2000While no pool can be considered truly “zero maintenance,” we’re getting closer and closer all the time, thanks to many new features and developments. Great minds in the industry have been working hard to take the drudgery out of swimming pool ownership.


Check out some of these solutions that will make your swimming pool practically take care of itself:



Automatic Cleaning


In-Floor Cleaning Systems: PBJC has been installing In-floor cleaning systems with great success since our inception 1989. The system functions similar to an automatic sprinkler system, where a valve directs the water pressure to different zones, which pop-up cleaning heads, which sweeps the pool floor, steps andbenches with water pressure. These systems are designed by the manufacturerand are guaranteed to clean more than 99% of your entire pool. They also come with excellent warranties. If the system does notcome with the 99% guarantee or requires the use of aRobotic cleaner in addition to the in-floor; it is not the real deal. See PCC2000 for more information


There are also Hydraulic Cleaners and Robotic Cleaners available. These systems involve an automatic cleaner working its way around your pool during its cleaning cycle. Polaris is the most popular brand of both types.


Some of the advantages of these new cleaners include:

  • Faster cleaning – 1 to 3 hours
  • Energy efficient motors
  • Built-in scrubbing brushes
  • The ability to add an attachment that floats to clean the surface


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Alternative Sanitizers


The days of dumping powdered chlorine into your pool every week are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Several new technologies are combining to minimize chlorine use, and/or eliminate it altogether. As chlorine goes away, swimmers enjoy softer skin, while swimming suits and pool equipment last much longer. Swimmers can open their eyes underwater without any redness or soreness. And best of all, these automated systems manage the water for you, so you don’t have to mess with it.


Eco Smarte Planet FriendlyFor example, EcoSmarte has developed a non-salt, non-chemical mineral sanitizer/purification system that works on all kinds of swimming pools, ponds and spas. The newest and perhaps most promising technology for keeping your water clean and clear involves "super-filtering" the water to the level of pure drinking water. This system, currently offered by EcoSmarte™, actually eliminates the need for chlorine and salt altogether, using traditional drinking water technology (oxidation & ionization) to purify the water. In fact, it’s so clean and pure that many homeowners are using it for their koi ponds as well.


The Paramount Clear O3™ water purifying system is the perfect addition to any new or existing pool for the cleanest water possible. The patent pending ClearO3 consists of an extruded aluminum main body with fiber filled PPO resin end caps, so it is engineered to survive in the pool equipment environment. The cylindrical chamber of the Paramount ClearO3 system is optimized for maximum ozone generation and is sealed to minimize ozone leakage making the unit both powerful and safe around swimming pools. Radiant heat ribs dissipate heat to maintain ozone output at peak operating temperatures and the side panel is removable, making maintenance and bulb replacement easy.


AquaPureYou may have heard of a "salt pool," which is actually an automatic chlorine generator that converts simple salt into chlorine. This saves you the hassle of ever having to handle chlorine. Rather than dump powdered chlorine into your pool every week, you add a few bags of salt to the water twice a year. At Pools by John Clarkson, we normally use the Jandy AquaPure chlorine generator.


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Long-Life Interiors


The high-quality plaster used on most swimming pools will typically last eight to twelve years, depending on conditions. Some newer interior finishes such from CLI; provide a large pallet of colors & durability.


The Crystal Stone Pebble interior offers a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty, when applied by a Certified Installer.



The Hydrazzo Line of products offers a smoother alternative and a more classic look.



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Computer Automation


With computer automation, all the advanced controls of your pool can be put in the palm of your hand – literally. From pumps to lights to water features to sound systems to anything else you can think of, these modern controllers allow you to adjust any and all functions without ever getting up out of your chair or out of the pool.


The other advantage of the new modern controllers is that the equipment can be programmed for optimum efficiency throughout year. The Jandy RS System has an option for monitoring and controlling the chlorine levels in the pool, even further simplifying the care of your pool. Jandy has long been regarded as the leader in pool and spa automation by bringing easy to use and attractive control systems to the pool and spa industry.


Jandy Control Systems bring simple push button operation of pool and spa equipment indoors. What does this mean for you? No more trips to the equipment pad! The days of going out into the cold and stumbling around in the dark to operate pool and spa equipment are over.


Happy swimming!


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